28.10 MMXIX

16.7 MMXIX


Our 9th release is almost here! OSM009 is called Seltskond Pargis and it is set to be released on 16th of July 2019.

Seltskond Pargis is a collaboration between local Estonian producer Luurel Varas and singer Hyrr Innokent Vainola.

” People gather in the Park before the sunset to welcome the coming nightfall. They trust themselves in the hands of the evening. Phone numbers get exchanged and written on arms, cabriolets are rolling by while the weird apparatus brought to the Park plays music to everybody who cares to listen – this is the story of how rhythm of the night gives birth to the morning! “

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Our 5th vinyl and 8th overall release will be W.T.Drones‘ self titled debut EP (catalogue OSM008EP).

Check out the snippet below for vibrations and Artist/Release pages above for more info:

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29.5 MMXII

31.3 MMXII

We are very glad to announce our long awaited 7th overall and 4th vinyl release with catalogue number OSM007EP. It is a 10-inch EP called “Külastus” by Väljasõit rohelisse. The band is made up of five members, of whom all are active in creative walk of lifes. Varying from a renowned fashion artist to a talented illustrator they are a collective of friends who just like to experiment. Their music might be characterized by being a combination of psychedelia and gaze with echoing guitar riffs and hypnotic drum rhythms. By the way – the drummer is a girl. Check it out:

You can already pre-order it by pressing “Buy” and if all goes well we can ship your copy of “Külastus” EP around 7th May. More details on the “Külastus” EP release page.
After ordering you can also listen to a new mixtape by Captain Future:

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9.10 MMXI

Hi folks!

Captain Future has released a little mix, which you can listen below. Description from soundcloud reads: “A mix of positive tunes by Captain Future. Great music from Prince to Sepalcure. Enjoy on a lazy sunday or at an old school house party”. Choose yourself (and choose wisely bla)!

Hopefully pretty soon we are able to publish an interview made with Egon (from Stones Throw) in RBMA 2010 London. Egon talks among other things about his college radio years, PBW and Stones Throw, Flying Lotus and LA, Now Again Records and of course about music, that connects it all. FYI: this year’s Academy is taking place in Madrid (actually Tokyo was the initial plan, but as we remember – Japan got hit by a massive earthquake on the 11th of March). PS! This year – Estonia is represented by an “electronic composer” Sander Mölder.

Also, soon to follow – more details on our 4th vinyl release. An 10-inch vinyl EP by Väljasõit rohelisse.

1.10 MMXI

It’s been long since.. and in the mean time our Ki En Ra and Dragan Volta went to perform on RBMA stage in Positivus Festival ’11 in our neighbouring country Latvia. Where they hooked up with guys from Lithuania’s beat group called Renegades of Bump – check them out/props!

It’s decided!!! Onesense Music’s 4th vinyl release (catalogue OSM007EP) will be a 10-inch ep by Väljasõit rohelisse. Check out their blog and/or the title track for the EP below:

More details on that will follow real soon.

Also in the news, Kali Briis published a promotional track called “Pinocchio”. Check it out (direct download with mp3 + artwork):

Our friends opened a new night club in Estonia’s second largest city Tartu called “Kink Konk”. The club is mainly focused on elctronic artists, live performances and music, offering quality sound coupled with a very cozy absence from the mainstream being. We wish them great parties, strong health, happiness and longevity.

We had also two friends visiting from the UK (already second time this year) – Tom and Alex aka the Patchwork Pirates, they gave two hell of a shows in a row and played some crazy ass bumpin’ music. Check out their Earnest Endeavours homepage. We wish them all the more best, since they are releasing their inaugural vinyl by B. Bravo called “Kiss N Tell EP”.

I (Captain Future) have finally opened a new subsection on our page called Recommended where I list my favourite tracks by various Estonian artists which/who in my opinion have the potential to become internationally known. Its mostly electronic music and hopefully will be updated quite frequently.

Lastly, check out this video below from our oldschool-hiphop-producer-friend 5Loops which serves as a sophmore album promo for him, but also features us making the covers for OSM006EP in Haigla skatepark.

PS! Do you know what the moral of this post is? Of course its – CONNECT!

27.4 MMXI

Check it out!

Video for a track from Onesense Music’s third vinyl release b-side “Headshot EP” by Kali Briis x Ki En Ra. More info about the release from here.​

Video done by Märt Villemsaar and Henno Luts. Styling by Liisa Põder. Thanks to Kritty Mändma for being such a brave girl in the cold and Marks & Spencer (for the pijamas).

You can also vote for this video in Estonian national TV channel ETV2’s music video program called “Eesti Top 7” from here http://etv.ee/eestitop7

9.4 MMXI

Kodumaine plaadifirma Onesense Music esitleb neljapäeval, 21. aprillil Tallinnas oma kolmandat vinüülplaati mille peategelaseks kirju muusikamees KALI BRIIS. Sel puhul juhtub Von Krahli baaris midagi erakordset – esimest korda astub pealinna publiku ette Kali Briis, kes liiga tihti just esinema ei kipu. Taustabiitidega abistab KI EN RA, trummidel müdistab KARU ning vokaalile lisab ilu LAURA JUNSON. Ja-jah, see on LIVE!

Pidu peetakse värske vinüüli asjus (katalooginumbriks OSM006EP), mille a-poolele on pressitud Kali Briis x Hommik “Breakfast EP” ning b-poolele Kali Briis x Ki En Ra “Headshot EP”!!!

Baaris on DJd: Kapten Tulevik / Ats Luik / Kris Luigend

Kohapeal ka pisike Onesense müügiputka, saadaval kohustuslikud vinüülid ja muu ninn-nänn.

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Pilet enne südaööd 5€ / millalgi hiljem 7€

//////////////////////////// E  N  G  L  I  S  H \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Onesense Music & Haigla present: Kali Briis live in Tallinn + record release party!

When: 21st of april

Where: Von Krahl, Rataskaevu 10/12 Tallinn, Estonia

Who: Kali Briis live! with Ki En Ra on the beats, Karu on the drums, Laura Junson on the vocal support + DJs: Kapten Tulevik, Ats Kuik, Kris Luigend

Facebook event!

How much: before midnight 5€ / later 7€