Väljasõit rohelisse

Väljasõit rohelisse is an amateur adventure: a quintet with a smoke machine as sixth member; one chord psychedelia with swamp blues, surf and Krautrock tinges and Estonian echoes. The 10” EP “Külastus” will be released in the beginning of May and would be a good choice to bring along to a picnic, with wine, poppy buns and a portable turntable. Theirs is an echo-chamber sound with washed-out tablecloths, cheap crystal carafes, inverted glances and monotone atmosphere. With oscillating tremolo and motorific boom, the one-chord ceremony is about to begin.

Väljasõit rohelisse is the Estonian title for a short novel called “Пикник на обочине”/”Roadside picnic” by Soviet sci-fi writers the Strugatsky brothers. It is read to you by Lauri (tremolos, echos, amateur surf sounds), Martin (cathedral electronics, space shots and prairie licks), Eiko (motoric boom), Kersten (sound magician) and Marit (heartbeats, glittering tambourines and killer claps).