It’s hard to explain how W.T.Drones have harnessed talents. Hailing from such a vast cultural and geographic distance in this small world. Tallinn, Estonia and Akron, Ohio – an unlikely combination to say the least. However these cosmic twins have independent thinking very much in common.
It is as if Björk and JDilla morphed as W.T.Drones. They do not have to explain the dusty precision of they’re paired soundscapes laced with galactic melodies and lyrics from underneath the block.
W.T.Drones have adopted aliases James Earl Drones (Anthony Mills) and Tommy Lee Drones (Ki En Ra). The arrival is certainly fresh, having marinated and been polished through Estonian analog knobs and unforgiving ears. Do understand that this is electronic music at it’s sickest. Overall this first EP from W.T.Drones is an audiophiles prayer that has been answered with attitude and velocity.

Debut self titled 12-inch vinyl EP OUT NOW! Check below for snippet and/or ordering the vinyl.

The Baltic Scene